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Happy holidays!

Hi! Another year has passed us by. I gotta be honest: that's been a tough one. I had left a lot aside since Covid came upon us, and these brushes were stalled in this process. But as bad things happen, good things comes our way too. To show you my appreciation, had you got the chance to purchase one of my modest packs or not, I'm making a 50% discount sale on the whole store. No limits, you just have to use the code "cocada" and voilá! Cocada is my dog, he's making my life much happier since he joined the family in November 2021. Here's a photo for cuteness purposes:

foto by Estefani Machado

I'm cooking some new brushes for Clip Studio Paint, Infinite Painter, Adobe Photoshop and Krita for 2022. I might upload some handy Actions pack, textures and short tutorials for any of these softwares. If you have any suggestions, throw me a message so I can attend you best. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Keep drawing and I'll see you soon!

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New gouache brush set!

Spread the word! Last days with 50% discount!

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